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About the Director

My story is not unique.  My childhood and adolescent memories include behaviors reflective of my emotional trauma, feeling invisible and crippling insecurity.

I am who I am today and I do what I do today, because of this journey from past to present.  That insecure little girl still exists.  I embrace her.  I love on her and I comfort her when she cries.  She is me.

Today she is stronger, mindful, forgiving, spiritual, creative, bolder and empathetic.  Today her baggage is not weighing her down because she has learned how to pack light - only packing what she needs to cultivate mindfulness and love.

That she is me.  For decades I have used some form of artistic expression to comfort me.  In recent years of digging deep and peeling back my personal emotional layers and embarking on a spiritual journey, I have discovered a healing balm through creating mindful art.  My mission is to introduce and cultivate mindful art experiences throughout the world.

Growing with grace,

Cheryl Jordan

RHF Director

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